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How to Update Schedules on CAL WEBSITE
NOTE: This page is hidden and can only be seen by web admin, it should not be published 

Step 1: Add new schedule file(s) from computer to website

Prior to uploading the new or correct files to the website, they must be converted to PDF files. It is easiest to add all of the schedules to the website first so you don't have to search and upload them 1 by 1 when adding/updating the schedules. Step by step instructions to match video below:​​

  1. Click on any "schedule" (in video, the schedule selected is "Baseball"

  2. Click on "Settings"

  3. Click "Upload PDF"

  4. Click on the "folder with a '+' sign on it to create a new folder

  5. Add label for folder. (In the video the folder name is "2021-2022" schedules).

  6. Open your "File Explorer" where the files are saved.

  7. Select all files that need to be added to website. Then drag and drop them to the 2021-2022 file folder

  8. They will begin to upload. After all files have finished uploading, you can proceed to the next step

Step 2: Add the correct schedule to the correct label. Step by step instructions that match video are below:

  1. Click on the "schedule" that should be changed (in video, the first schedule is for "Football")

  2. Click on "Settings"

  3. Click "Upload PDF"

  4. Select the folder that you added the PDF files to. In this case it was "2021-2022 Schedules"

  5. Locate the correct file (i.e. "football")

  6. Click "Add to page"

  7. The schedule should now be showing correctly on the page.

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