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ELIGIBILITY:  Athletes who are members of a CAL recognized Varsity team are eligible for the award. Freshmen are not eligible as the athlete must have at least one year of grades, beginning with the ninth grade. The athlete must finish the season in good standing.

GPA:   Athletes must have a cumulative 3.50 (or above) weighted or unweighted grade point average as well as a current 3.5 (or above) weighted or unweighted GPA. The cumulative GPA is based on cumulative grades of Semesters (or Tri-semesters) from ninth grade onward, including the grading period that the athlete is participating in a sport.


Award:  Athletes will be awarded a Scholar-Athlete patch for each season for which they qualify. The award is presented to the athlete based upon two criteria: the athlete completes the season in good standing and the student athlete has the required GPA at the completion of the grading period of the sport season which the athlete participated.

The league started the Scholar-Athlete award in the Fall of 2014.

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